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Luke, Tiffany, Anna, and Baby ~ Milwaukee Maternity Photography

I had the honor of taking Luke and Tiffany’s maternity pictures early last year, and then welcoming their gorgeous little girl, Anna Jean. I was absolutely ecstatic when I was asked to document their soon-to-be family of four and help welcome their new baby girl.

I was not disappointed with our maternity shoot! Tiffany makes pregnancy look so easy. She just glows and looks so amazing. And the three of them make such a loving and beautiful family. Their new addition is one lucky little girl.

Congrats Luke and Tiffany!! Cannot wait to meet Elise Rae!


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Tim, Rachel + Baby ~ Milwaukee Maternity Photography

It was very hard to keep it together as I was shooting this session. Every photo we took was better than the last! We had such great lighting, even though it was cloudy, and all the photos turned out as though it was a beautiful, sunny day. Although maybe it was the anticipation and excitement radiating off these parents to be! Tim and Rachel cannot wait to meet their little boy, and you can see in the photos how much they already love him. The photos of them reading him a story will just melt your heart.

Good luck you two! Can’t wait to meet your little guy;)

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Robbie, Brooke, Taylor + Jordan ~ Milwaukee Family Photography

I love, love, love working with this family!! Not only are they fun to spend the day with, they’re such a beautiful family — Taylor and Jordan are the most adorable little girls you’ll ever see! Here are a few of my favorites from our day at Trimborn Farm.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the end to see an entertaining outtake courtesy of Miss Jordan.

Thank you for trusting me to photograph your family once again, Brooke and Robbie!!

Adorable, right? Let’s end with an outtake, haha!

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A Day in the Park with Justin, Jackie, Emma + Benjamin

Well, I had very good intentions to stay on top of my blog while I was on maternity leave and right away when I came back…but, caring for a tiny human is tough. Tougher than I ever expected. Going in I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Everyone who isn’t a parent knows this…but you don’t really realize the extent of it until your little one arrives. Sleep deprivation makes you slightly crazy. No, real crazy. Like, I may be foaming at the mouth crazy. So forming coherent sentences — when I could hardly remember my own name — just wasn’t happening. So here I am, my first blog post a month after coming back. I did it!! So where do I begin?? How about my first official shoot back!

I got to spend a few hours with Justin, Jackie, Emma, and Benjamin at Lion’s Legend Park in Franklin a few weeks back. Such a fun, beautiful family. Their little girl Emma kept me on my toes. What a big personality in such a tiny body!! She had me laughing the entire time. She even directed a few of the photos herself, ha!! I hope you all love what we did.

Let’s start with one Emma directed…dad sat in her lap instead of her sitting in his <3


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Life in Color: San Francisco

So a few months ago, after a few beers with our friends, my husband and I decided to purchase concert tickets to see two of our favorite bands play in a city that has been on our top ten must-travel list for way too long: San Francisco. It turned out to be one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions we’ve ever made! It was wonderful to spend six days and five nights exploring what San Fran had to offer, enjoying much needed one-on-one time, and relaxing with our work e-mails turned OFF!

It’s going to be tough to summarize everything we did, so I’ll let the pictures (and their captions) help with the storytelling. We did lots of walking around almost every district (including a unfortunate wrong turn into a scary area within the first few hours of our arrival), exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, biking the Golden Gate, taking the Alcatraz/Golden Gate ferry, stuffing ourselves with incredible food at too many restaurants and food carts to name, finding Jimi Hendrix’s house near Ashbury and Haight, photographing a seriously crooked street (Lombard Street), walking miles to find the Full House house (Aaron LOVED this, haha), rocking out to the Transplants and Rancid in their home turf, and lots, lots, more! I hope you enjoy the photos!!

FYI…most photos are taken with my camera, but some were taken with my iPhone…I didn’t want to lug my equipment around everyday, unfortunately;)

A must-do in San Fran…the Irish coffee at The Buena Vista!! You may even be lucky enough for the bartender to show you some magic tricks.

I may be biased, by isn’t he dreamy?

Four Barrel Coffee…best cappuccino ever.

Jimi Hendrix’s house:

Ok, the next photo needs an explanation…we used Airbnb for our last few nights in town (awesome app by the way, we definitely recommend it). HOWEVER, there was a bookcase in our room with a few books…and these two peaked my attention. What?!? It was hard to control my grade school giggles.

Lombard Street…there were so many people lined up taking photos I felt like we were paparazzi.

FULL HOUSE HOUSE!!! Nothing gets me more excited than revisiting my childhood:)

A staircase in Alamo Square and the famous Painted Ladies:

Garlic ice cream from The Stinking Rose…sounds suspect, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life.


Our bike ride to Sausalito across the Golden Gate:

Concert time!!

And last but not least, the sea lions at Pier 39. I don’t know what it was, but I could have stared at them all day! So cute.

Thanks for stopping by!! Make sure you check out Kinzie’s blog for the Life in Color blog circle:

Brooke - The photos with the Golden Gate bridge are my fave – all of them! I so want to visit SF some day soon and this just might have made me move it further up my list. :)

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katie - If I ever make it out to San Francisco, will you be my tour guide? Your trip looks amazing. I love every single one of your images!

Jenn - LOVE the bridge in the fog! Love the tone you’re getting on your images too for urban photos, nice.

Caili - Omgoodness. Stunning photos of a place that’s been on my list forever! I got sucked into every last one of them. Amazing.

Erica B - So much color – love the pics! My favorites are the green sea & blue sky at the GG bridge.

I also thought it was funny… as you’re scrolling down you see the seagull and then under it says “I may be biased, but isn’t he dreamy?”. I never knew you felt that way about seagulls ;)

stepholsonphotography - Haha!! You know I meant the photo below it ;)

stepholsonphotography - Go, right now, seriously!! We plan on going back because it was so beautiful and we weren’t able to get close to doing everything you can do.

stepholsonphotography - Thanks Jenn!

stepholsonphotography - Haha, sure!! I need an excuse to get out there again. It’s officially my favorite city.

stepholsonphotography - Do it, you won’t regret it!!

Kinzie Ferguson - I love these! We went to San Francisco on our honeymoon and this post makes me miss it so much. And we were obsessed with the Sea Lions (though we mostly hung out by them in Monterey). We would watch them for HOURS.

Sarah C - you’ve made me want to visit san francisco! it looks awesome!

Melissa - woah! beautiful photos! I have never been able to capture landscape and city scenes very well at all, you have rocked these girl. And made me want to go on vacation!
so glad you had a fantastic trip

Kim - Great pictures! I know who I’m coming to when I plan my trip. :)

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